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Welcome to Full Gamut Radio where we feature great music, talk and entertainment programing.

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In July 2012 we began streaming through Primcast and then in January 2014 we moved to DJC media .

We continue to rely on Stream Licensing LLC for paying royalty fees for the station.

Anyone who needs more than 2GB of data should activate on T-Mobile ONE as the price is only $5 more per month than a 6GB Simple Choice plan for Unlimited data.

You can always move to and from different plans, as long as we are currently selling whatever plan you want to switch to.

The opinions expressed on the shows or by the show hosts, their guests and callers broadcast on this station don’t necessarily reflect the views of Full Gamut Radio, it’s management, or sponsors.

If you don’t like what is said, take it up with the shows or hosts.

Detectable video typically streams at DVD quality (480p or better) with Binge On unless video provider opts-out. Now that we have an affordable Unlimited option for families, in most cases T-Mobile ONE is the best and most economical option.

You may disable Binge On at any time, but will lose Binge On benefits. New customers with two or more lines can still get 2 lines with 2GB for just as before, and can still opt for 6GB/10GB of data for an additional / per line.

Simple Choice Family Match made sense before we eliminated data buckets with T-Mobile ONE.

However, in many cases the price will be better on a T-Mobile ONE plan.

You only have to disclose info you want to and feel comfortable doing.

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