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Twelve people have been killed and fifty have been injured, many seriously, after a truck ploughed into one of Berlin’s most popular Christmas markets at 8 pm last night.https:// The driver veered from a busy road and steered the vehicle straight into the crowd at the Breitschadtplatz market in what police are calling a terrorist attack.

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And returning the power of issuing money to the people, to whom it properly belongs, may be the biggest and most important battle these generals will ever have fought.

The sooner they recapture the Federal Reserve and repeal the federal income tax act of 1913, the sooner America will be set on a path of extraordinary prosperity.

Another focus will, no doubt, be the Globalist proxy army of ISIS terrorists, who launched three separate attacks in Ankara, Berlin and Zurich on Monday.

Financial Times has reported on Theresa May’s chaotic train crash approach to Brexit and the chaotic consequences this could have for trade and diplomatic relations.

” There is a third possibility that is little discussed but increasingly likely: “train-crash Brexit”.

In this version of events, the UK and the EU fail to agree a negotiated divorce.

In Berlin, a migrant hijacked a truck and then drove it into a Christmas market killing at least 12 persons.

The migrant, then, tried to escape on foot, indicating he may have been motivated by payment rather than by some fanatical Islamic worldview.

Instead, Britain simply crashes out of the EU — with chaotic consequences for trade and diplomatic relations,” writes Gideon Rachmann.

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