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My minor was subjected to who knows what kind of raunchy conversation?

It’s not okay and I don’t even have anybody to yell at.” Despite days of digging, Lauren has been unable to track down the nameless company that owns the chat line. “I’ve spoken to five police officers and they say there’s been no crime committed because my son lied and said he was 18.

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They were good friends but had no romantic attachment.

One evening, they were celebrating their tournament win at the local pub, when Kate had overheard Tom talking to some of his mates.

S., obscene entertainment can’t be provided to callers under 18, even if the underage caller requests it.

The penalty is $50,000 for each incident and up to six months in jail.

But she doesn’t speak to anyone in that city, and neither does her partner.

It must be some mistake, she figured, and called Rogers to complain.

That’s all that matters.” She’s also turned her anger on her phone company.

Sex lines on the Internet at least require a credit card, she says, making it more difficult for minors to use them.

At .99 a minute, for a minimum of six-minutes each time, he had racked up four hours worth of expensive dirty talk. “They say you have to be 18 to use it but it’s not enforced,” his mother complains.

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