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So he can sell them to the gummint and the Fortune 500.

The Failbook (alternatively known as: Bookface, Fake Book, Jailbook, Fag Book, Stalk Book, Lies Book, Faecesbook, Faceplant, Assbook, Bait Book, Laid Book, Hagbook, Face Spook, De Face Book, Fap Book, My Face, Face Fuck, Face Palm, Lame Book, Face Bukkake, Waste Book, Facetroll, Rape Book, Mate Book, Face Bleed, Fascistbook, Facefull, Face Fool, Puss Jotter, Facehook, Face Stool, Facelube and 'Myspace 2: Electric Boogaloo') is a Web 2.0 site and NSA safe haven originally designed to connect school classmates and allow college graduates to find drug dealers.

When Facebook goes down, users roam the streets in tears, shoving photos of themselves in people's faces and screaming "DO YOU LIKE THIS? " There are many different types of "friend" you will make while using Facebook - a selection of the most useless and / or annoying follows: You probably hate these wastes of space, but still have them added. More intense Facebook usage correlates with a higher sense of loneliness and lower self-esteem.

There is a significant negative correlation between the number of Facebook friends and the sense of loneliness but none with self-esteem.Have a word with such to try and bring them in, if in any doubt kick um out.If they have any "truth" in um they will find there way back in.Facebook Raepists are people who feel the need to continually raep the profiles of every single one of their "friends" with their hueg Facebook Cocks.This involves making sure everyone knows about every single life enhancing new possession / experience / partner / sexual conquest / whatever, on a rolling news channel basis.Now it is getting difficult to troll since Facebook now ask users to verify their identities with a mobile cell phone number.

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