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Excerpt of the cover page of a print of the Treaty of Lübeck (1629), with the Gregorian day (22) directly above the Julian (12), both before the name of the month, May.

The treaty was concluded between Roman Catholic parties, who had adopted the Gregorian calendar, and Protestant parties, who had not.

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Historically, OS referred only to the start of the year change to 1 January from March 25, and some historians still believe this is the best practice.

it was often necessary to indicate the date of an event in both the Julian calendar and the Gregorian calendar.

In these countries, the old style calendars were similar, but not all the same.

The Arabic numerals may be used for both calendar dates in modern Japanese and Korean languages, but not Chinese.

Japan started using the Gregorian calendar on 1 January 1873,.

Japan currently employs two calendar systems: Gregorian and the Japanese era name calendar.On this marriage certificate, made out in 1907 in Warsaw (then part of the Russian Empire), the month is given as "November/December", and the day as "23/6".The Julian date 23 November corresponded to the Gregorian 6 December.Also, even before 1582, the year sometimes had to be double dated because different countries began the year on different dates.For instance, the calendar in the British Empire did not immediately change.Woolley, writing in his biography of John Dee (1527–1608/9), notes that immediately after 1582 English letter writers "customarily" used "two dates" on their letters, one OS and one NS.

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