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Evli became a shareholder and member of Burgundy, a new marketplace for Nordic equities.

2008 Evli improved the availability of its asset management services in the Pirkanmaa region by opening an office in Tampere.

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2015 Launch of new mobile application allowing asset management clients to monitor their investment funds.

Evli begins offering the sustainability theme funds of Swiss fund and asset management company Robeco SAM with exclusive rights in Finland.

2013 Evli strengthened its position in Western Finland by acquiring a 90 percent stake in Aurator Asset Management.

2012 An electronic discretionary asset management service called Online Banker was launched.

2009 Evli acquired the entire share capital of the Swedish Erik Penser Fonder AB from Urdar AB and gained x mutual funds.

In October the asset management operations of Carnegie in Finland were acquired and a co-operation agreement on the representation and sales of Carnegie’s international funds in Finland was drawn up.

Evli signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investing.

In the spring, Evli launched its PS-Eläke long-term saving product and its trading and research service for ETFs.

Online Banker makes discretionary asset management services available to a wider clientele, as it caters for investment sums of EUR 30,000 and upwards.

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