Emily bustamante dating darrelle revis brooke real world dating

Somaya asks if Chrissy's mad that she's working with Jim. Birthday (air date: 2011-03-21) Olivia told Chrissy and Emily that she's dating New York Jet, Darrell Revis.

But Emily has a secret: She's Darrell's stylist and she doesn't think he and Olivia are dating!

Emily gets together with Mashonda, the ex-wife of super producer Swizz Beats.

Mashonda's situation has Emily contemplating the future of her relationship with Fab and she breaks down. Chrissy, Olivia and Emily attend an NBA draft party and start cracking on a chick in the crowd. In the bathroom of the club Chrissy and Somaya clash.

The Yacht (air date: 2011-03-28) Emily confronts Olivia about the Darrell situation.

Olivia is pissed that Emily went to Darrell behind her back.

It was announced in December 2011 that Mauer and his longtime girlfriend, Maddie Bisanz, were officially engaged.

The best cornerback in the NFL (shut up Sherman), was born into an athletic bloodline.

Both his parents were high school track stars, and he is the nephew of former NFLer Sean Gilbert, who played 10 years in the shield.

The Baltimore Ravens are preparing to take on the New England Patriots in Saturday's playoff game and for wide receiver Steve Smith that means getting ready to go up against cornerback Darrelle Revis.

When Somaya brings her track back to Jim, he tells her doesn't have the time to work with her. Somaya turns to Emily to find out if Chrissy was behind Jim's backing out.

Emily organizes a day on a yacht so that Somaya and Chrissy can work out their differences.

In a quiet moment alone, Chrissy tells Jim they need to think about their future.

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