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However from what I have experienced British women do tend to like the chase and mind games aspect more, BUT without being in danger of sweeping everyone into the same box (or spanner bag), I think it was more the individual to blame rather than the nationality as a whole. do not doubt that there are some amazing, wonderful and magnificent British women out there.

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To judge European women I think that you have to judge them in their natural habitat doing a job, juggling a family and paying a mortgage in their homeland and only then can compare to British women other wise it is unfair comparrison.

On my trips abroad I have not overwhelmed by the locals to say that they are better or more appealing than the brits, i do though fancy tanned women more than pasty white and the weather imo is the only disadvantage British women have.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Only yesterday I was speaking with my friends about women...

It came out in conversation how I have NEVER been with a British woman.

For some reason British women...not see me as anything other than a friend. I did see a very Beautiful barmaid last night..only in looks, but the way she moved and spoke and her smile. Kasia, Justyna, Sylwia, Biljanica, Milena, Maria, Simiona...list is endless!

I know of one who really look after herself, she was very fit/slim but had a face like a bag of spanners.... I guess this mean's that (unlike the British equivalent) even if they're not dealt the best hand look wise, they don't see it as a free pass to eat themselves into a 20st oblivion.

Maybe I will find that Russian and Ukrainian girls are the same, maybe I will find they are much worse! I would question exactly how you base these European ladies?

Are these ladies who are here on holiday and free from the stress and daily routine and therefore more relaxed and open to new exciting people and opportunites and as they aren't here for long aren't looking for someone to share their life with but someone to have some fun with so their 'demands' would be different.

I have been on a date or two with a British woman, but nothing more.

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