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While it’s up to you to decide whether or not you disclose your disability online with potential partners, keep in mind that the disability will surface soon within any relationship and it can be better to discuss the issue prior to meeting in person.Think ahead of time of how you want to present yourself online.Disability and dating has been a hot topic on dating websites and online disability communities for years.

How can you describe your disability as a part of you but not overshadowing all of you?

Traditional ways of meeting people are also still quite useful.

As a psychologist, I think how we feel about ourselves is just as important as the social supports that we have in place (e.g., transportation, caregiver services, etc.), so my question is: How do people with disabilities date successfully when there are both dating skills required, in addition to potential social constraints?

Plan of attack Before you begin your dating quest, think about the social barriers that may be present. Do you use caregiving services to get through your day? All of these variables influence a huge part of dating—privacy.

Dating Discussing your disability on a date can be difficult—your new partner is probably curious about the nature of your disability if you haven’t already discussed it in detail.

The hardest part of this conversation can be deciding when to have it. Do you talk about disability at the onset of the first date, or wait until the second, third or fourth meeting?

Tell your friends that you’re on the market and ask for their assistance with locating potential partners.

Instruct them as to how you might want your disability framed as they market you to their friends.

When your dating partner has a disability Creating an environment open to discussion helps the person with the disability feel a sense of power over a potentially uncomfortable situation.

Try something like, “I’m not sure if you feel comfortable answering this question, but I was wondering if you would mind discussing your disability?

If you’re asked directly about it, answer with details that are informative, but don’t launch into a 30-minute speech about your condition.

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