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Sheffield is still the home to a number of cutlery and blade manufacturers (including Swann Morton), and Sheffield steel can be found in surgical equipment and kitchen drawers the world over.However, the economic recession of the 1980s hit Sheffield hard, and large numbers of workers were left unemployed by the changing shape of heavy industry in Britain.This is nothing new, however, since many would argue that post-war town planners did more damage to the face of Sheffield than the Luftwaffe did during the heavy nights of World War II aerial bombing.

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Visitors to Sheffield may find this most noticeable in the affectionate terms that slip into everyday conversation.

Even when making a simple purchase in a store or market, you can expect to be called 'love' at least once.

In reality, this left much of Sheffield with a poorly maintained legacy of failed utopian concrete fantasies, but this braveness and edginess is cited by many as being a fundamental part of Sheffield's character.

Now, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, a number of commercial developers are making big marks on the cityscape, with large apartment complexes that aim to correct the errors through planning policy of similar developments seen in Manchester and Leeds.

The combination of the resilient spirit of Sheffield people in these bleak times made the city famous in the black comedy 'The Full Monty', which was set and filmed in and around Sheffield.

Sheffield is the largest city in the county of South Yorkshire, and Sheffield residents are proud of their perceived character: South Yorkshire residents pride themselves on a warmth and hospitality that isn't found in other northern cities.

The city lies in the most southerly part of Yorkshire, with Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and Lincolnshire to the west, south, and east.

The nearest similar-sized cities (all 1 hour away or less, by train) are Manchester (west), Leeds - Bradford (north), York (north east), Hull (east), and the Nottingham - Derby conurbation (south).

Even before the Industrial Revolution, the villages around Sheffield were established as centres of industry and commerce thanks to fast flowing rivers and streams that brought water down from the Peak District.

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