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I designed my own set of questions based on a few different sets I found online. If I had extra info, I made notes in parenthesis, but for a couple, I just left them blank so we could compare to future interviews. (You won’t be able to customize the form within your web browser.) Enter your child’s name, type in their responses to the questions and print!

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I don’t scrapbook, so a one-page interview I could slip into her (incomplete!

) baby book seemed like the easiest solution for me.

I scribbled down some fun questions on a paper napkin.

When I was done wording these questions, I decided to ask my friends to answer these questions one by one.

A questionnaire for children is a tool to help parents better understand their children, which gives them the resources to provide better food, attention, and playtime activities.

Obviously, the kids don't actually take the survey.

In fact, new users were able to finish creating their first survey 60% faster with Survey Tool than when using Survey Monkey.

Send out your questionnaire for children to co-workers, friends, and family automatically by importing your contacts from any online address book like Gmail, Yahoo or MSN.

I made a “girl” form and a “boy” form, but they are still both somewhat neutral enough that you could use either one for either gender.

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