Dating over 30 advice jason behr who is he dating

1- Learn to Flirt For the most part, men are awful at flirting.

A first date is the perfect stage for flirting, and it comes in so many varieties they’re impossible to list here.

Think of every moment as an opportunity for flirting.

As you get through the “small talk” phase of your first date, think about any connections the two of you may have naturally.

Maybe you were born in the same state, same part of the country, or something along those lines.

Guys don’t have as easy a time of this, and this is the main reason why they’re at a dating disadvantage.

Luckily, you can teach yourself to recognize an interested woman.When it comes to dating, women have a clear advantage.They are better at communicating, they’re smarter, and they’re better-looking than men.There’s a thin line to walk here between an appropriate amount of flirting and coming on too strong.In general, your conversation is almost always a chance to display your affection and see if she’ll flirt back.Try not to cross your arms or use other “aggressive” or “withdrawn” body language. Also, try smiling into her eyes a little, or (if you’re bold) outright telling her that she’s beautiful, etc. Maybe you’ve got a great sense of humor and you keep her laughing all night.

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