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At this point, she told the detective, “Henthorn had a…

shocked look on his face.” The story the husband told her was that his wife had managed to get trapped under the car after attempting to recover a rogue lug nut that rolled underneath it.

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Whenever Sandra Lynn’s death came up, the widower told people “bizarre stories,” prosecutors said.

In one, a rod from a car jack “shot into his wife’s chest.” In other retellings, she died of a “head-on collision” of “collapsed lungs” while in “the cabin on the flight-for-life helicopter.” Henthorn allegedly had tried to tell a Sunday school class that his wife “died from cancer and lost a baby she was carrying to chemotherapy.” Right after Sandra Lynn’s death, her husband allegedly rattled off “five variations of the events from that evening,” according to Douglas County Sheriff’s Detective David Weaver, who had taken the lead in reopening the case.

Toni was also on her second marriage—and now, far away from Mile High, Toni’s first husband has been forced to carry on his life in Meridian, Mississippi, where he and his college sweetheart began a life together.

Prosecutors have already begun homing in on hard facts that they say will show the prominent ophthalmologist’s second husband was in fact a money-grubbing, calculated killer who had meticulously arranged his wife’s demise in order to rake in millions in life insurance payouts. and they were going to have to hustle to make their 7 p.m. But investigators say Henthorn suggested later that their plans went out the window when they spotted some wild turkeys and decided to follow them.

In January 2013 the car-crushing case officially reopened and remains active, according to testimony in court papers and confirmation yesterday by a spokeswoman at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

And authorities say the evidence, gathered and reinvestigated by detectives 20 years later, reveals eerie parallels with Toni Henthorn’s death.

Sandra Lynn Henthorn died of traumatic asphyxiation on May 6, 1995, after she was crushed under the couple’s car when they pulled over on a deserted road in Colorado, allegedly to help her husband change a deflated tire on their 1991 Jeep Cherokee Sport.

Like Toni, Sandra Lynn had been married to Harold Henthorn for 12 years.

It was a bold decision to hike in the first place for Toni Henthorn.

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