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You can read books that talk about relationships and see how each of you are thinking about things.” The busy couple set aside time for each other and their kids, in addition to all the time they spend together traveling for their foundation.

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"That meant scrubbing floors and cleaning ovens and mowing the lawns," Melinda recalls. When Ray brought home an Apple III computer one day when she was 16, she was captivated.

"We would help him run the business and keep the books," she says.

“If you look at political deadlocks or budget crises that are happening, it’s a little bit easy to lose sight of how much things are improving,” he said.

Bill and Melinda Gates first met in 1987, shortly after Melinda was hired as a product manager at Microsoft. "You know I was thinking maybe we could go out — if you give me your phone number — maybe two weeks from tonight," Bill said, according to an interview Melinda gave with AOL's Makers site. I have no idea what I'm doing two weeks from tonight.' And I said, 'You're not spontaneous enough for me.'" But Bill wasn't ready to give up just yet. They were married in a secret ceremony on the island of Lanai on January 1, 1994, after seven years of dating. Their work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has included everything from eradicating diseases across the world to developing sources of food for impoverished people.

"We saw money coming in and money going out."Of all the tricks that life can play, it's hard to imagine any stranger than what befell Melinda French.

Today she is living in a gargantuan high-tech mansion on the shores of Lake Washington, married to the richest man in America - and giving billions of dollars away.When she married Bill Gates 14 years ago, she bought into a complex bargain.On the one hand, she became half of what has turned out to be the world's premier philanthropic partnership.Years before Melinda French met and married Bill Gates, she had a love affair - with an Apple computer.She was growing up in Dallas in a hard-working middle-class family.“We read a lot of the same books together and talk about that,” he said of keeping the spark alive.

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