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Luke would play a key role in the fall of the Emperor and the redemption of his father, Anakin Skywalker, who turned against the Jedi Order at the start of the Purge. Skywalker's first thoughts of training an apprentice came right after the Battle of Endor.

He refused to train the young hopefuls on the excuse that he was not yet prepared to take on apprentices.

When Luke began instructing new recruits to the Rebellion in warfare, recruits such as Kiro, Barney and the Rik Duel gang, they assumed that Luke would be teaching them to wield the Force but were disappointed when Luke refused to school them in Force techniques.

Slow in developing, it existed for a number of years as a disparate group of Force-sensitives with various degrees of training.

After a first attempt to train new Knights was thwarted by the Reborn Emperor, Luke Skywalker initiated the first formal training school for Jedi in decades—the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4.

Out of this conflict, a more centralized Order was born.

It would continue to grow and serve the galaxy for decades to come, until the Sith–Imperial War once again dispersed the Order and made its members fugitives. […] The potential for abuse—if any of you turned out to have talent and learned anything without learning everything—is staggering.Starting with an initial group of twelve students, the Order slowly grew in numbers and stature, becoming a core part of the New Republic that sponsored it.This meant it was repeatedly targeted by enemies of the Republic, such as Imperial Admiral Natasi Daala, the Empire Reborn, and the Second Imperium.Members of the order were involved in many of the key conflicts in the galaxy during the prime of the New Republic, including the Nagai–Tof War, Operation Shadow Hand, the Black Fleet Crisis and the Corellian Crisis.This involvement culminated in the Jedi involvement in the Yuuzhan Vong War.After rescuing the boy from the Ssi-ruuk, Skywalker had plans to train Sibwarra as his first apprentice.

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