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This is further compounded by the effects pornography can have on a man’s sexual performance.

A man who is addicted to pornography can become so accustomed to being sexually aroused by the “perfect” women in pornography that he can eventually find it difficult to perform sexually with his own wife.

Because of this, she may think, “How can I compete with the young girls in porn?

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Studies have shown that men crave respect from their wives more than love. Pornography use almost always leads women to lose respect for her husbands.

They also begin to view their husbands as poor role models for their children. This can be very painful for women because it inhibits their ability to love, honor and respect their husbands.

Men were created to be the leaders, providers and protectors of their wives and families.

Pornography prevents men from being able to fulfill these roles because it leads a man to isolate himself and neglect his wife and children. In addition to the emotional effects that pornography has on wives and marriages, it can also have physical ramifications.

Patty had recently discovered Joe viewing internet pornography late at night.

A search of the computer’s history revealed chronic use of porn.The woman on the computer screen is “the other woman.” Because of this, many women are devastated whey they discover their husbands have been looking at porn.For many wives, their husbands’ use of pornography is a violation of marital trust.For many women, discovering that their husbands have been viewing pornography is similar to uncovering an extramarital affair.As a result, they experience a variety of emotions: anger, hurt, sadness, betrayal, and rejection.They believe their husbands would rather be with the women they view in pornography rather than their wives.

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