Dating diaries

He also mentioned several times that he made “good money” in his career, and that his long hours were worth it.

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This theme is so common; you’ve seen or heard it in art, music and books since the beginning of time and you’ve likely experienced it first hand.

In the beginning […] Pets And Relationships – Don’t Let Them Ruin Yours Those of you who know me, know I am completely devoted to my 11-year old Miniature Doberman Pinscher, Max.

He told me that he shared some of my hobbies, one of which is on the feminine side: I enjoyed that he was such a guy’s guy who also liked baking cookies.

He told me that he liked camping and fishing, neither of which I have ever done, or ever been interested in.

I thought this might be because he’s in real estate.

In some industries it is encouraged to be more vocal about your success.I arrived right at 7 o’clock, and he was there already, drinking vodka at the bar. He was even more handsome than I remembered him looking from the gala, even though he was dressed much more casually.He was still somewhat flashy, but not in a tux this time. Right away he told me that he was recently divorced, and he had two kids, like me.I’m also looking for someone who isn’t afraid of commitment.”I met Logan at the bar at a gala. We only talked for a short time, but as he was leaving he asked me out. I was looking forward to it, but my expectations for dating are low in general.We met a few weeks later for after-work drinks, at a restaurant downtown.5 Things That May Be Standing Between You and a Mate: It seems everywhere you go you see couples.

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