onlineasian dating com - Dating and emotionally unavailable men

We may not be apt to PDA or overly romantic love notes, and we may not be the typical female constantly stereotyped in the media, but we are immensely valuable.We are an upgraded version of the soft and fragile characters we are often so wrongly assigned.

In fact, this generation of women is the finest we have ever seen.

We've traded our recipe books for i Phones full of networking contacts; we’ve traded early motherhood for corporations.

We're going to find it difficult to give in to our hearts because we're always a bit terrified of what we could lose. It's not that we don't want to feel happy; it's that we don't want to feel susceptible to what that happiness means.

If this isn't happiness we've created for ourselves, for instance, like a great ad campaign or an intriguing article, we fear the possibility of it being taken away.

This is how to have a successful relationship with an emotionally unavailable female: We like you, but we aren't always so great at showing it.

We may say things like, “I don't hate you,” or “You're okay, I guess.” Don't be offended by this; we're just doing our best to say something nice in the unattached ways in which we've conditioned ourselves to function.

We want you to achieve all of the goals you've set yourself, and we want to support you; we also want that support in return.

If you want us to be more accessible, take pride in your work and take a genuine interest in ours.

Just because we're career-focused and motivated to become more than a wife and mother, doesn't mean we don't have the ability to fall in love.

In fact, the relationships we can provide are multilayered and unique. We'll motivate you and push you to be the best you can be.

We want more out of life than what has been previously allotted. We control our destinies, and this makes us slightly fearsome, but also thoroughly impressive.

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