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Laura was generous and very eager to give her mom 60% of her liver to save her life.

At the time of transplant, the procedure was very new and had never been done at our transplant center.

She will get to meet her recipient in three more months, and I know she doesn't have any regrets at all about what she has done.

Laurie was brave, and as a young single mom, went ahead with the surgery fully aware of risks involved and the recovery she would go through.

She certainly deserves to be nominate to the Hall of Fame.

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By her giving me her kidney at that time, I was able to graduate high school with friends and enter college.

My dear wife, at age 71, donate one of her kidneys to me.

Yet, living donors often do not receive public recognition for their selfless act. has established this Living Donors Hall of Fame to allow transplant recipients, friends, and relatives to recognize the living donor in their lives.

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