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I think it's a lot easier to be on top that way and I like the angle better.

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Source: i Stock beezneez said: My suggestion to this being on top problem is try laying on him chest to chest, but of course have your head to the side so he's not suffocating.

Have your knees bent to keep you up a bit so you're not putting all of your weight on him and you can prop yourself up on your forearms. Source: i Stock Puffyfish said: To have my partner stay inside of me when I'm on top during sex, I noticed I have to stay focused on what I'm doing and not let my mind wander.

But to have him go deeper and guarantee he'll stay inside me and not pop out, I sometimes position my legs in between his.

This simple tweak in the position can make a difference and help solve your problem.

Being on top during sex sounds like an easy position – you straddle your partner and move your hips, and he’s super excited to get to stare at you up there. For one thing, doing the girl-on-top position can be more confusing than you think. Should you stare him in the eye or keep your eyes sensually closed? There’s no hiding your exposed belly, boobs, and the double chin that angle will give anyone. Unlike missionary, being on top requires you to move around and get things done.

On top of all of those questions, being on top can easily make you feel super vulnerable.

Source: i Stock Carrie95 said: Sometimes my boyfriend slips out too when I'm on top, but we've found a position that I think we're both liking, where I'm laying on my back, while on top of him.

It's good if you're on a couch like we were or at least on a bed with a headboard to give you something to hold onto and push off from.

You're still on top but instead of being face to face with your partner, you're turned around with your butt facing him.

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