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” After listing the various J-named males in the family to choose from, Jackson then confirms that Josiah is the lucky bachelor.

Already, Josiah is seeking out his older brother Josh’s sage wisdom on the topic.

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Former Beatle Paul Mc Cartney, whose first wife (Linda) died some years ago, talked about the struggles a widower feels in considering a new relationship. Actually what I felt was that if Linda was alive, I'd be dead meat. But, as she wasn't, she would want me to be happy."If you experience survivor guilt about dating, it's part of completing the grieving process.

"I had all these questions," he explains, "like, `Oh, my gosh, I've had a wife for 30 years. Counseling and many excellent book resources can help you work through this vital process before you begin dating.

Abraham's servant traveled, prayed, spoke to Laban and Bethuel and made decisions that positioned him where God could introduce him to Rebekah.

Similarly, Ruth and Boaz took actions that eventually brought them together.

PHOTOS: Jill Duggar's wedding album “Hey guys, my name’s Marjorie Jackson, and I have some Duggar insider news for you! PHOTOS: Quickest celeb engagements Calling courtship, “Dating with a purpose,” the new couple then revealed that they have been together one week.

PHOTOS: Jessa and Ben's love timeline “That’s right, Marjorie and I just recently started a courtship relationship,” Josiah says, jumping into the frame.

You may have heard the old joke telling of how Adam complained to God in the Garden of Eden, "I'm lonely. Above all, God expects us to listen for His guidance in Scripture and to use common sense.

I need to have someone around for company." God replied, "Okay, I'm going to give you the perfect woman. This means avoiding circumstances leading into sin or corruption of God's standards and values.

Unfortunately, Scripture doesn't give us specific guidance for dating.

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