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Even though they don't act like it most of the time, they care about each other and they'll be there for each other whenever they need it.

These two have many differences, but they always put their differences aside to help each other out.

In Modeling Assignm ANT, Fletcher and Olive have an entire subplot together.

In Endur ANTs, Olive says she teases Fletcher because she loves him.

He has tweeted the word, "Folive" too, but did say to ignore that tweet (this could be used to prevent any spoilers.

On October 11th, 2013, the #Folive Friday tag was being tweeted by many Folivers.

Their relationship progresses throughout the series. As of Unw ANTed, Fletcher and Olive are boyfriend and girlfriend.

In Pat ANT Pending, they pretended to date and almost kissed.Whenever Fletcher insults Olive, she gets easily offended and hurt.They don't usually fight, but when they do, it's because of something that offends the other.They do seem to be good friends and get along with each other most of the time.They had known each other for a long time before they met Chyna.Their relationship is complicated because they can go from friends to not friends in a drop of a hat.

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