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Except for having been recorded for the Preservation Center documents, they have never been described as a whole.This is why this article aims to provide a detailed description and analysis.

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- A PRESERVED CULTURAL MONUMENT - The New Jewish Cemetery in Prague 3 is a preserved cultural monument as a whole ; due to its character, disposition and a hundred-year excellent administration supported by a considerable role the Hevra Kaddisha (burial society) played in Prague's Jewish community.

The Hevra Kaddisha saw to it that graves were established in cemetery lots both chronologically and in accordance with the family's wish and significance which played its natural and social roles even at the moment of death in the bourgeois society.

We can see the styles that are often enriched with Hebrew or Hellenistic elements, in some places even influenced by the Mayan art, on tombstones standing elsewhere.

The Poppers' grave at the wall in section 1 is a distinct monumental tomb with the proportionally oversized handrail and pillars - the massive pillar structure with a segmental pediment draws attention by its unusual depth. The tomb of the Lederer family which dates from 1892 is one of the most expensive and most original structures at the cemetery.

TOMBSTONES AT THE NORTHERN WALL - A DISPLAY OF DEVELOPMENT OF STYLES The way individual styles and tombstones made in them developed between 1891 and the 40s is displayed on the gravestones leaning against the cemetery's northern wall.

From the neo-Gothic style through neo-Renaissance, the Art Nouveau (from its beginning to climax and fading away), classicism, purism to constructivism - we can find all the styles there were which also affected the architecture of the cemetery.Ehrenfeld's tombstone from 1912 is an extraordinary example of the pure post-Art Nouveau decorativism as far as its ornament, design and lettering are concerned.The tombstone makes an urbanistic unit with Chief Rabbi Gustav Sicher's grave whose simple constructivism of the 60s is amended with a tombstone shaped as the Tablets of the Law.Rabbi Nathan Ehrenfeld's large Lomb is made of granite and has a decorative pedestal with a vegetable stylized motif.It was designed by architect Paul Albert Kopetzky who left behind a lot of his developmental works at this cemetery, ranging from the late Art Nouveau to the early constructivism.Since the very beginning, the cemetery has been properly divided in lots which were gradually used as graves ; and a walk around the cemetery also gives an idea of the styles in which the tombs were built.

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