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I got a response on one of my posts dealing with cars in Cambodia. I can only say, ‘Good luck.’ The way I see it the field is not exactly undercrowded.

Back in the early part of the 20th century, Cambodia was a French protectorate, which in reality meant a colony.

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Here is the schedule: The ad valorum duty and tax can be found in this schedule.

The 35% is the import duty, the 45% is the excise tax (I call it the luxury tax), and the 10% is the added value tax.

This may sound pretty simplistic but in essence is the only practical way of dealing with the high potential of rigged invoices.

The customs code uses the engine displacement and the year.

It had an engine from a modern Toyota, and odd-looking chrome hubcaps, but otherwise was an original colonial-era ride.

In the late days of the French era, a couple of assembly plants were set up in Cambodia, one at the new Sihanoukville port, and another on street 80 near the Phnom Penh Port.

Seeing that most import companies charge only 2% of the cargo value or a minimum of 0, I found this very reasonable. Certainly, not an in these matters ignorant foreigner.

One may drive a good bargain at the market but with these people you are lost.

First you need to find out the assessed value of the car you are planning to import.

The customs code does not do this by make, mileage and market value but uses an ‘arbitrary’ value as the basis for their computation of any duty and tax due on the vehicle.

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