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I think that’s something that has never been done before in daytime TV; that you have two hosts which such distinctive perspectives discussing topics and issues. The only reason I’m nervous is because I’m sitting in the host’s chair now. There’s a gift and a skill that you have, a gift that Kelly and Michael have, that Steve Harvey has, that Ellen [De Generes] has, that [Queen] Latifah has—you have to listen.

You’re a talk show host but you actually have to listen.

These are real-time, happening right now things that we’re going through and we’re surrounded by. I think you have to give each other the opportunity to grow and to face some of those challenges together.

I bring an aspect to the game that represents a male-skewed demographic; opinions that have been neglected every once in a while, so it’s going to be interesting to see how people will react to that.

Nicole: We’re also at a place where we still remember what it was like to be single.

“The only reason I’m nervous is because I’m sitting in the host’s chair now,” she admitted. Before the twosome debut their daytime talk show on July 6, take a peek into the couple’s charmed life below. Is it something you two always thought about doing together?

VIBE: How does it feel to go from a scripted television show/movie screen/ Broadway plays/business ventures and NOW back to TV but with your own talk show debuting on one of the biggest television networks? Boris: We sort of conceptualized this for radio five years ago but we couldn’t do it for scheduling reasons, and then last year, we talked about it again, and we figured, ‘Hey, why not do it for TV?

And we’re still interested in learning ourselves so we’ll bring in experts [who can speak on] how to make a marriage last, the secret to healthy parenting, etcetera. We’ll be able to relate to many different people, race, age, gender—it’s going to be fun.

We’re going to talk about all of the crazy dating websites that are out there, and what to do when you get into a rut. A lot of these people, as soon as a challenge occurs or adversity shows up, they run.

What are some topics that we can expect to hear on the show?

Boris: We’ll be discussing current events, everything in relationships, love, marriage, sex, parenting.

But you know you have to go where the work is and in this industry, sometimes you get separated so when he walks through the door after being gone for 12 weeks, I was really happy, and I’m really happy to get started on the show. What’s the most recent argument you two had and why? Then we just had lunch and I was trying to explain something to him and he walked away, like I wasn’t talking. Nicole: But the other day, I gotta tell you, we live in a place where you can walk around, even at night Our nanny was still at the house and he asked me to take a walk. Beyoncé and Jay seem to have made being a power couple more trendy. Boris: I’d probably still be hustling, you know just trying to make it…

Nicole: Ummmm, I think we had about three little ones today. We fight, but we don’t let it linger too long—you can’t! Hold my hand, talk about nothing, and go for a walk. He probably saw it on a talk show and said let me try it! How can a husband and wife manage a successful relationship while still working together? What’s your advice to couples who may be insecure about letting their significant other ogle at hot celebs? You have to be confident, stop looking right and left. Nicole: I mean, he knew I kept a Trey Songz poster…

After a decade of marriage, hot Hollywood couple, Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker, can still ignite the flames of romance with more than just their stunning looks.

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