Bausch lomb crystalens hd accommodating iol

It seems like life was much simpler when I was a child. Once in a while, I have a compelling need for someone to take control and tell me which options to select.

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The Crystalens IOL is now in its fifth generation, the Crystalens AO.

When I had my surgery, I had the previous generation (the Crystalens HD) implanted in my eye.

But when I was ready to pay for my Crystalens, I found out that this cost was broken down into two amounts to equal $3300 -- that is, $2800 for the lens, and $500 to my optometrist for the co-management fee.

Co-management with your referring optometrist is quite common with LASIK surgery, and apparently, with cataract surgery.

These web sites tend to give you the same marketing information about the Crystalens that Bausch & Lomb offers.

Also, you cannot just phone an ophthalmologist and expect the office assistant to blurt out their cost for a Crystalens.Very likely, they would encourage you to set up an appointment with the doctor for a cataract evaluation.So, where do you turn to get an idea of the Crystalens cost?The cost may vary with the area of the country, the length of time the doctor has been practicing, the doctor’s reputation and expertise with the Crystalens, and the amount of overhead he has in his practice.I paid slightly more than average for my Crystalens – about 00 for a lense to be implanted in my left eye.And as consumers, we all want to find the best value for our money where we can. In fact, it is very lucrative for the ophthalmologist who sells it to you.

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