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With a knockout body, a dream apartment, a fabulous wardrobe, an athlete boyfriend, a dream job, and superstar friends, this can't be a better life.

Unfortunately, Jenna realizes that this is not what she wanted.

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Gary Winick likened the scene between Jenna and Mark in Central Park to the balcony scene from Romeo & Juliet.

See more » When Jenna goes to her party at 27 Wall Street, she is shown standing through the window going north into Times Square.

That's all they do, and you have something more in you." ~Andy Six"You don't fall in love with a gender, you fall in love with a person." ~Sandra Alvarenga‎"Next time someone calls you a faggot, say "f*** you, you fat piece of s***!

" ~Andy Six"Just because we wear make-up don't mean we can't kick your a**!

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(window.device Pixel Ratio*screen.width 'x' window.device Pixel Ratio*screen.height) :(screen.width 'x' screen.height)); this.remove Attribute('onclick')" class="mi" Inspirational Quotes From My Heros!" ~The Black Veil Brides"Ultimately, what you can see at a KISS concert is a bunch of stuff blow up and some old guys that can't really walk.What you can see at a Black Veil Brides concert is guys that put on one h*** of a show and bust their a**.The only one that she needs is her childhood best friend, Matt, a boy that she thought destroyed her party.But when she finds him, he's a grown up, and not the same person that she knew.BVBNever give in, never let anyone bring you down" ~Andy Six"Like birds whose wings are broken, you live without direction!

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