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Because she has done it in the past and she can do it again.It means she can speak up for what she wants, without having an emotional tantrum.She will do the best to communicate by: listening, validating, accepting, and then speaking.

Except they may use their femininity and sexuality as the bargaining chip. An emotionally immature woman has no sense of awareness of what she is doing. She is in constant reaction to her emotions to her needs and wants. She has tantrum if she doesn’t get what she wants immediately. She has limited ability or want to reflect or analyze her actions. It’s for this reason why they are likely to blame something outside themselves instead of owning a mistake and then taking positive action to change it. Just like a little child who is spoilt, the thing you can really do is: change the expectations of the child, impose boundaries, and use a reward based system for the desired behavior. She doesn’t know that she needs boundaries, but this is something that she so desperately needs to experience. She has wisdom and the ability to look at her life reflectively and learn from her mistakes.

Sexual looks, flirtatious smiles, sexual favors, and sex are all tools to get what they want, when they want it. It proves to be an effective about 99% of the time. It’s for this reason they may not be able to follow through on their word. What An Emotionally Mature Woman Looks Like See, when a woman is emotionally mature she can do all these things and more. She understands the concept of personal responsibility and has accountability for all of her actions.

She has a sense of independence to make her own decisions and to observe the consequences in a rational manner.

Because she has all of these, she is more likely to engage in: altruism, anticipation, humor, flexibility, and adaptability.

Or maybe you have at least thought about this at one point or another.

Well, I’m here to shed some light on this (at times) mysterious issue.So instead of acting upset, she simply states what she wants.If her partner is not listening to her or she feels she is not being heard, she will say something.And it’s pretty easy to overcome once you have identified what the problem is.In most cases, women who are experiencing consistently high and low mood swings, denial and only slight degrees of self responsibility are more than likely to be emotionally immature.This means a woman who is actually 35 years old can have the emotional maturity level of a 15 year old.

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