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Plucking can be used to remove a few long hairs on the chin, but in general it is not a good idea for the face because it can easily cause scarring.

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Excess hair (hirsutism) in women often appears in the places where men have body hair, such as the upper lip and chin, the chest (including around the nipples), the tops of the shoulders and the lower abdomen.

The excess hair is usually coarse and dark (different from the fine hair that some women have on their upper lip, chin, breasts and stomach).

Polycystic ovary syndrome is the cause of hairiness in some women.

This syndrome is usually caused by an imbalance between the pituitary and adrenal glands with cysts on the ovary. It usually develops in the late teens or early 20s and there are usually other symptoms as well as excess hair.

It is produced mainly by the adrenal glands, which are situated over the kidneys.

If the skin is extra-responsive to it, testosterone encourages hair growth on the upper lip, chin, chest, lower abdomen.

Bleaching is a good way of disguising upper lip hairs or ‘sideburns’ unless your skin is dark.

Hydrogen peroxide cream for bleaching is available from pharmacists, but it can cause severe skin irritation.

The hormone levels are normal; the problem is that the skin is too responsive to testosterone.

Women with this problem gradually develop more body hair from puberty until the menopause, after which the amount of body hair slowly lessens – except for facial hair, which continues to increase.

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