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But not everyone is excited about this holiday season.Even though their owners thrive in festive moods, these animals […] Actress Halle Berry is celebrating a new milestone after hitting one million followers on Instagram.

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After 18 successful years, Audi has announced that they are pulling out.

This blog contains some links in languages besides English. some interesting comments there Macedonia is the link between Greece and Serbia, and Americans are obsessed with not allowing Russia to get to Serbia in any way, especially not via gas pipeline.

* February 26 – Oleksandr Peklushenko, a former Party of Regions member of parliament and chairman of Zaporozhye Regional State Administration, was found dead in the street with a gun wound to his neck. Volkova identifies him as an asset of the US color revolution factory CANVAS.

Officially declared a “suicide.” * February 28 – Mikhail Chechetov, a professor of economics and engineering, former member of parliament from the Party of Regions, and former head of the privatization board, supposedly jumped from the seventeenth floor window of his Kiev apartment. * March 14 – Sergey Melnichuk, a prosecutor and Party of Regions loyalist, “fell” from the ninth floor window of an apartment building in Odessa. The killers were led to believe they would be doing a good thing in ridding Russia of Nemtsov.

Christmas is possibly one of the happiest and most joyful times of the year for many people.

Beautiful decorations, bright lights, presents and, of course, cozy time with your loved ones – what could be better?

We are told he left a suicide note of “apologies,” but what he was apologizing for has never been revealed, since the note has not been released.

* February 25 – Sergey Valter, former Party of Regions activist and Mayor of Melitopol, was found hanged hours before his trial on charges of “abuse of office” was set to begin.

Whoever was responsible neglected to leave a “suicide” note.

* February 26 – Aleksandr Bordyuga, Valter’s lawyer and former deputy chief of Melitopol police, was found in his garage, dead, another “suicide. Fort Russ reports on a story by Tatyana Volkova, citing a trail of evidence in the Nemtsov murder case, which leads to the extremist Ukrainian politician Yarosh as the string puller.

The iconic music stars will join the class of 2017, along with Joan Baez, Electric Light Orchestra and Yes.

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