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We talk fetish, what is it, when does a fetish become normal. If it is bondage, water sports, SM or anything else, we take your calls and talk fetish. We ask the listeners what questions do they have on anything sex, relationships and everything else Uncensored - The naughtest show on radio. So how do you get into the lifestyle, what should you expect. Ep2: With special guest Squirt we talk sex, shooting adult video and photo shoots.

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A show inspired by the swinger lifestyle, adult porn, dating and... We talk how to do the BDSM side of thing, and discuss swing clubs and the lifestyle.

We discuss with the topic of Teledildonics with founder Frixxon Seth. A show inspiried by the swinger lifestyle, adult porn, dating and relationships in the modern age. We do a live hot wax kink in the studio, Vodkka Jane has hot wax dripped on her boobs, and returns the favor and tips it on Steve's balls. A show inspired by the swinger lifestyle, adult porn, dating and... This weeks with a special guest Vodkka Girl Precious Psycho. We also play a game with Jane and a remote Vibe that gets triggered every time someone emails the show. Jane relates an encounter they had during a shoot, when they had taken out food delivered.

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