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Among the awesome features: Feature: The ability to charge for your time in chat. Setting a lock involves toggling a lock icon, setting a dollar amount, typing a note regarding what the lock is for (it can be as simple as “Chat Lock Fee” or “Please pay to chat with me”), and clicking the “lock chat” button.Once this lock is set, the client cannot chat with you until the lock fee is paid.How It Works For Clients: Simply click the “click to chat” button and your request will be sent.

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Next, when the send gift button is clicked, a list of choices pops up.

Then, when a gift is selected, clients see what (if anything) it costs to send and has the opportunity to send a note with the gift before committing to sending the gift. You have the ability to block MPS users for 30 minutes.

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You can also activate and deactivate all operators using the “action” drop-down option at the very top right.

They insure that you are in a safe environment and there is no harassment tolerated.

As long as you abide by the rules, there is no way that you cannot enjoy your stay here.

Once you have logged into chat, you must keep that window open in order to receive, accept, lock, chat requests.

(You needn’t keep the window visible, on top of all other windows and/or tabs, at all times — there is an audio alert to let you know you have a chat request.) Your operator’s chat status, “offline” or “click to chat” buttons, will show under your operator’s image just like the “call” or “send message” buttons do — including in the MPS directory. (Running time approximately 5 minutes.) My Phone Chat Video from Mps Sevices on Vimeo.

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Along with the great atmosphere there is a wonderful staff that regulate the negativity that all chats would bring.

The MPS system keeps the chat lock request alive for 30 minutes, giving the client plenty of time to make up their mind and make their payment (but that means you must keep your chat window open in order not to miss the locked chat payment and begin messaging.) . ) Feature: The ability to make money by receiving customer “gifts.” Like many social network sites which allow members to send one another little icon gifts, MPS chat allows clients to send you a little digital something — and, if the gift costs the client money, Below are screenshots of what the clients see.

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