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With that in mind, picture us fanning ourselves -- because we've just spent a while at Peekshows, and by golly it's hot in there.It's been a while since we were able to jump right into free nudity from the first minute on an adult chat site, but this happened right away on Peekshows -- and not just once, either.It just happens that the sites we've been reviewing for the last few weeks are a bit more prudish -- er, -- than Peekshow.

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It went beyond hand bras and nipple slips, too: there was plenty of full frontal boobage.

A lot of the girls seem to prefer the top-and-no-panties ensemble, too, though they did tend to keep their legs demurely together. It was all quite inspiring for your friendly neighborhood review board, since after all we haven't been getting much free nude action for a while.

Like all the best sites, Peekshows invites a lot of superlatives.

It's huge, for example: at a quick estimate, there are between 1,800 and 2,000 models signed up.

To our utter fascination, we saw naked boobies right away on several different girls, one after another.

Hmmm Peekshows is definitely doing something right.

But think about that for a sec: that means that even if you do pay for a private session, someone could be peeking on fantasy. We have no beefs with the technical aspects of Peekshows.

The video quality is what we've come to expect of good chat sites, and the site is gentle on our computer resources (unlike a certain antivirus program we just installed).

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Heres the thing, though: models charge 5 tokens a minute to go private, which is up there toward the top end of the scale.

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