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Most implement universal health care through legislation, regulation and taxation.

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All citizens are entitled to be treated in public facilities free of charge, though a nominal fee of ~70 BWP (~$6.60 USD) is typically charged for public health services except for sexual reproductive health services and antiretroviral therapy services, which are free.

Burkina Faso operates a scheme called Universal Health Insurance (AMU) which provides universal healthcare to citizens.

It is administered by two separate bodies, one for civilians and the other for the armed forces.

Egypt operates a system of public hospitals and clinics through the Ministry of Health.

S.), and their relative costs and key health outcomes.

In some cases, government involvement also includes directly managing the health care system, but many countries use mixed public-private systems to deliver universal health care.

In 2012, this system insured all but 4% of the population.

South Africa has a public healthcare system that provides services to the vast majority of the population, though it is chronically underfunded and understaffed, and a private system that is far better equipped, which covers the wealthier sectors of society.

The poor are generally entitled to health services free of charge, while the wealthy pay for treatment according to a sliding scale.

Botswana operates a system of public medical centers, with 98% of health facilities in the country run by the government.

There is also a private sector for those who can afford it.

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